Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime for Hulk and Germany...

This afternoon the sun was shining such that's it's invitation to come outside could not be turned down. So we broke out all the bikes, strapped on the helmets and went on a bike ride. Heather was a little more tolerant of her helmet this time, though would holler at us whenever we stopped, as if to say, "If you're gonna make me wear this stinkin' thing, the least you could do is keep moving so I'm entertained!" The nickname Hulk seems to suit her more and more each day. Fortunately, she is hilarious and sweet and loving enough to make us all forget when she is Hulkish.

Family Member Updates

Chris has left Burlington Coat Factory to start a new position at a pharma company called Ikaria. He starts tomorrow. He is serving in our ward as Young Men's President, so he is often with the youth, camping with them, calling them, checking up on them on Facebook, coming up with crazy schemes for weekly activities. He is training for a 1/2 marathon in Queens on April 3rd. Go El Tabitur!

Anne (that's me) is serving in our ward as the 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society. So I also come up with crazy schemes, but for grown women. Last week we celebrated the Relief Society's birthday and held a service auction. I am looking forward to Spring Break. We hope to see some cherry blossoms in DC this year since we missed them every year for the 7 years we lived in NJ!

Isabelle (9 yrs) is in 3rd grade. She plays the cello in school and is taking piano lessons once a week. She just played When You Wish Upon a Star in her first school Variety Show. We thought we lost her music, but it turned she had practiced it so well it was memorized! We purchased a complete set of the Harry Potter books for Christmas and she is already on the 7th.

Chase (7 yrs) is in 1st grade. He is taking karate and is about to earn his yellow belt. He has his first tournament coming up. We hope we wins one of those awesome 5 foot trophies. He is also taking piano lessons and also participated in the school Variety Show. He is on the 4th Harry Potter book.

Heather is now 18 months, which means she is now allowed to attend Nursery at church. This may seem like a small thing to some of you, but if you've ever battled a toddler through 3 hours of church then you'll be cheering with us. She only says about 5 words, and not very well. But she signs a few (please, thank you, more) and hollers a lot. Don't let her fool you, she understands every word you say to her! (Cheeky) She tries to do everything the bigger kids do, including carrying a backpack when we leave the house - despite the fact that it is as big as she is. She does a little karate, she loves dogs, and isn't even afraid of the ones that are twice her size, but screams in terror when we turn on the vacuum cleaner. She eats like Scooby and Shaggy. She sings and she dances. And we all can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve next.

Spring 2009

Spring 2010

We are trying (again) to sell our house in Texas, so if you could include us in your prayers or send any potential buyers our way, that would be great. We are praying for the people of Haiti and the people of Chile and for expediency of the building of the Philadelphia Temple.