Sunday, March 16, 2008

Isabelle's Schoolwork

Isabelle is in Year 2 at school. Since the school system is completely different from the school system in the States, she isn't really in the equivalant of either first or second grade, but she does seem to be in just the right place. She is a good student and has a teacher who keeps her sufficiently challenged.

Half Term Research Paper

Over the half term break the students were given an assignment to write a research paper on a famous person such as Christopher Columbus, Florence Nightingale or Henry the VIII. Isabelle began researching Florence Nightingale, but changed her mind at the last minute and asked us if she could write her paper on Joseph Smith. We told her she could, and offered a little guidance to keep it appropriately factual (vs. spiritual):

She ended up writing a page more than was required and was mentioned (among two other students) in front of the class. Her teacher was impressed with her quality of work and told us in her our parent/teacher meeting that she was happy to read something she hadn't already read a million times before.

Note the clipart of Joseph Smith - one of the lessons they had in school was how to use Google to search for images, then cut and paste those images into Word. (Sorry Mom, we'll have to show her how to use Yahoo! to do the same thing, but for now she uses Google.)

Katie Morag

Katie Morag Island Stories is a book that they've been studying in Year 2. The children have recently been writing their own stories about Katie Morag. There is a weekly assembly for years 1-6 where some of the best work done is shared in front of everyone. Last week Isabelle's story about Katie Morag was read in front of the school. The next day, I was at the school for a literacy event they were holding after school. Both her teacher and the Year 4 teacher told me they were very impressed with her composition. In fact, the Year 4 teacher told Isabelle that he went back to his classroom and told his students in amazement, "Class, we just heard a paper from a student in Year 2!" and they responded with, "I know! It was amazing!"

I've been told that I will get a copy of it, so as soon as it is sent home, I will post it. (I can hardly wait!)

Parent/Teacher Meeting

We recently met with her teacher for parent/teacher conferences, where we were pleased to hear a long list of Isabelle's admirable qualities. We were told that Isabelle...:

  • ...gets along with everyone
  • ...fits in with the other students as though she's been here all school year, even though she's only been here a little over two months
  • persistent in finding the answers even when something is difficult (her teacher explained that often students will shy away from a challenge and stick to their strengths)
  • ...asks questions as needed until she understands
  • ...chooses to work with other students who are focussed when given a choice of students with whom to work, rather than just choose her friends as most kids will do
  • extremely creative and does quality work (we were shown a beautifully painted Chinese mask, which has also been shown in the schoolwide "good work" assembly)

We are so proud of Isabelle. She often surprises us with her maturity and discipline when it comes to her education.

Note: We are using this blog not only as a way to keep family and friends up to date on our busy lives but also as a way to keep a journal. We aren't posting stuff about our kids to initiate (or respond to) any "my kid's better than your kid" blog wars! :-)


Chris said...

Yeah, well my kid is better than your kid... so :-p.

Just kidding. I couldn't resist.

So glad that Isabelle has made the transition to school "across the pond." I know that it can be scary to switch to a new school that is down the street, I cannot imagine the nerves of steel it takes to switch to a school across an entire ocean... good job Isabelle!!! (oh yeah, and good job Chris and Anne too... I guess)

Bek said...

I agree, it isn't an easy thing to transition and it sounds like she is doing great (not at all a surpise, knowing her parents). Bravo for her.

It does make a mamma proud to go to the conferences and hear that instead of "fights with everyone" or "smart, but doesn't stay on task" (I am just imagining Jacob's future P/T meetings...yikes)...

Are you feeling better? Hope so. Today is our big day (gulp)....

talk to you soon...

Malsy (THE Moe of DMOE) said...

She is brilliant and sweet, that busy-belle! Just as she was the day she was born! I loved her JS essay!

Thanks for keeping us informed!!!