Tuesday, May 13, 2008

April and May

Number Three

Okay, so I admit it. And here it is in writing: I was wrong. I've been anxiously awaiting my 21st week of pregnancy so that I could go to my ultrasound and find out for certain whether baby Taber is a boy or a girl. I have been convinced for a number of reasons that it is a boy, but evidently child number 3 is a stinker and has a cunning sense of humor. For over a month now, I have tried to look at both boy and girl clothes, and the second I look at girl clothes I've felt this child say, "Nope. Not gonna wear that." For over a month now, I've been testing out a name (one that cannot go either way, i.e. is stricly a boy's name) and this little spirit keeps telling me, "Yup, that's it!" So, today I went in for my long-awaited ultrasound and was shown (and it was quite clear) that it is a little girl. I even made the sonographer check again. She's a girl. Don't get me wrong, I am quite happy to have another girl. I am just stumped by her choice of practical joke. It isn't even April Fool's (or maybe that's when this all started and I just didn't get it). Is this a telling sign? Will all of my historically successful parenting tactics blow up in my face? I am almost certain that the answer is a resounding YES! Great. Just what I was hoping for. (Spoken in a monotone voice:) I am so pleased to be faced with this new challenge.

Anyway, here's a photo of the little stinker:
I may still call her "Hulk" - just to get back at her.

Living in London

As for the last few weeks, I am finally able to say I am enjoying living in London. I am at a good place in my pregnancy, and the sun has been shining everyday for over a week now, so as a result I have been out on more outings lately and visiting with more friends.

Primary trip with Isabelle and Chase to the London Temple:

Visiting the "secret garden" and Queen Mary's Gardens at Regents Park:

Family Reunions

We will eventually post some photos and video from Alan's 60th Birthday weekend, but until then suffice it to say that we had a wonderful time with family and friends. DeeDee was a wonderful hostess. Auntie Lynn (Alan's 1st cousin) and Uncle Russ visiting from Australia brought yummy sweets and flattered us with flip flops. Aunt Katie coutured our coiffs and Aunt Polina helped Isabelle host the First Annual Taber-Extended-Family Olympic Obstacle Course. Participants inlcuded Daddy (Chris), all the Uncles (Mark, Drew & Carson), Aunt Katie, Grandpa (Alan) and surprise couple-contestants Uncle John and Aunt Pam (Alan's sis). Video highlights to be posted...well, eventually.

Before the rest of the family flew in Chris, Isabelle and Chase and I spent a day in Morgan Hill and Gilroy shopping at the outlets, eating Mexican food and visiting with old friends - all luxuries we miss when we're in London. We definitely have some very fond memories of the time we lived in Morgan Hill.

And before traveling up to the Bay Area, the children and I enjoyed visiting with family on the Turner side. We stayed with Uncle Eric and Aunt Cindy and their children (Spenser, Corbin, Chandler & Kadyn) and enjoyed sunny weather and family fun with them (and Mexican food and A&W rootbeer - another luxury we just can't get in London for under $40!). Grandma Colleen joined us for a few days and we also enjoyed an afternoon of food and fun with Uncle Craig and Aunt Robin and their four boys (Nathan, Evan, Ryan, and Darren). Aunt Robin delighted the nieces with girly gifts. Eric and I learned some creative parenting tricks from Craig* , I enjoyed catching up with everyone (Althea was there too and Aunt Esther phoned).

*Parenting by Craig and Robin
  • Behavioral consequence: "You owe me two squares." Craig showed us a two foot square he'd made of PVC to be placed in the garden and said, "That's how much he has to weed." Brilliant!

  • Friendly reminder or warning: "Wanna owe me another square?"
  • And, "Go sit in the tub." No angry tone. No water. Fully dressed. Just "go sit in the tub until we're ready to talk to you."
If only I could get my kids to hear me when I speak with a soft tone...


Tris said...

Hey!! I'm excited to hear about the baby, because if it was a boy, I was going to have to vote for Cougar, but since she is a surprise girl, perhaps Chandler would be more appropriate after all (please pardon the gratuitous Phoebe/Triplets/Friends references). Anyway, I am so excited to read about your adventures! Congratulations!

Margie & Mark said...

Hi Taber's,

Glad to hear you're settling in and enjoying life with a baby on the way. We've had two children born overseas (French--both of the girls), and it's fun to have "multi-nationality" children, whatever that means! We are moving to the London suburbs this summer, something in the works for a while. We're sad to leave here but looking forward to a new experience. We'll be somewhere in Surrey with Mark's job in Bedfont Lakes and the kids' school in Cobham. The house hunt begins in June. We'll take a quick trip to the U.S. in summer and return in August.

More to follow. Have a great summer!

Anne said...

Congrats on the girl!

Larry & Jan Myers said...

Hey, Tabers! What's new? We Grapeviners need our Taber fix! Love ya!

The Zangs said...

Congrats on the little girl! I love seeing your pictures...I really miss Europe. I lived out there for 7 1/2 years and seeing your pics makes me want to go there so bad. Take care girl!

Jan Myers said...

Anne, have you given up on this blog? What's goin' on, gal? Sure do miss you!!!